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Ha, and I was just about to post something about making standalone apps done in Perl. And the thread GUI and standalone Perl - can we build a new FAQ please? comes up. However, this is not just about GUI, but anyhing. I wanted some discussion about this. Also, if Perl6 will make this even better? Python is interpreting language, and that "compiles" the code to bytecode files (which is one step further than perl I believe. Perl does the whole way every time, no?). Also, it has a _really_ good "to binary" compiler! (is what I've heard though). With pp you _can_ do bytecode though, (and other things like bleach), but afterwards its not always runnable (like using come of the Crypt:: modules) (as I recall). And isnt that slowing the app down? And its still not binary... perlcc aint good at all either :(

Although Python really seems like the thing if you now _want_ to create some standalone app, I prefer perl. Much because of all the modules there are for it! What do you guys have to say about this? I'm really pro the idea of one "executable", no installation hassle, no extra installments required (for libs or whatever). One file, one problem (that is, the bugs in the app ;) ) And with CPU speed increasing, interpreting isn't all that bad compared to binary... :)

Btw so I must say that pp is really nice! Just need some nice way doing "update patches" now, so one can just update/insert new code when wanted :) Man, wouldn't that be cool! :D Just insert stuff into the ".zip" screws up the executable...


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