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Dear Master Monks,
I have a web application I need to test, and wanted some advice before I start writing. I have two ideas that follow;

1. Custom Module:

2. Perl Test files:

I have recently bought Perl Testing: A Developer's Notebook and Perl Best Practices, so they will probably help me out on the finer points ;-)

I think that maybe 1. would be the best way to go, as it would be a proper module, easier to manage, but might duplicate testing, i.e. testing the test functions. But then again, you can't test enough.

I will probably be using a bit of WWW::Mechanize and HTTP::Recorder to start me off.

I know a lot of Monks would have been in the same situation as me at some point, so if one of you kind souls would put me on the right path, I would be very grateful.


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