Recently I have pondered creating my first mod. Since I presently have limited coding ability I have decided to create a mod of the acme/humorous variety. I thought of several module names with random functionalities.

Mac::Dad - I thought of this one on fathers day. This mod will act a bit like the geekcode mod. A user is prompted for answers to about 20 questions about his or her father. The mod will then generate the fathers personal mac address. Obviously there will be a routine to decode it.

Stephi::Graph - I really like this idea. This is a single element graphing mod that allows for the creation of simple two dimensional ASCII graphs. The Y axis however will contain an ASCII image of a girl. Her nose size will serve to determine the value on the X axis.

Acme::Jive - (may already be created). Simply reads in a string and returns the string in Jive format.

Ass::Crack - This mod just may be my most useful. It will accept as input a forum question. It will determine if the questions is of the "please do my assignment/homework for me" variety, and create an appropriate response.

Let me know if you like any of the ideas. I also look forward to seeing some of yours.