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Dear Monks,

I am finally getting a handle on WWW::Mechanize.

Now I want to go into my brokerage account and do some screen scraping.

But before I start testing my ability to get into my account by sending my USER/PASS out over the web using WWW::Mechanize, I thought it might be good to encrypt them.

I know little about encryption, save that it exists and that I should probably most definitely use it in this case.

The code that I am currently using is ...

$mech->submit_form( form_name => nameOFform, fields => { user => 'MyName', pass => 'MyPass', } );

I am curious what modifications I should make to encrypt these values as they course through the ether.

I ask for the monks' direction in further educating myself in this area ... and at the same time not setting myself up to see my brokerage account looted.

Most Humbly,

Chris Herold