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I also find it in poor taste. Someday I hope to see princepawn return.

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Re: Iron Perl Monks, Part 1
by lemming (Priest) on Jan 04, 2001 at 11:49 UTC

    Good thing I didn't carry on further. I would say it was somewhat of an unfair jab at princepawn, especially since he isn't here to defend himself. Though one of the reasons I picked him as one of the judges was because he did come up with opinions and views that were contrary to the popular belief. I wished he wasn't as quick to come down on other views if they didn't match his.

    I apologize for any offense I may of given and thanks for the feedback, both postive and negative.

    -Lemming back to the drawing board
      well, you could have taken stabs at mt2k... i guess that would have been more (or less?) PC.
      <!-- insert evil grin -->

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