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i'd just like to add that the shebang line ( #!/usr/bin/perl ) was always a source of majot headaches for me, when i developed on apache on windows, and deployed to apache on linux. a simple solution is to create the directoy c:\usr\bin\ and simply copy perl.exe into it (or create /perl/bin/perl on the linux machine, and put a symlink to /usr/bin/perl there).
this avoids the trouble of changing the shebang every time you transfer something from OS to OS.
the 'newline problem' is easily worked around by adding a '--' to the sheband line:
#/usr/bin/perl --
which tells the perl interpreter that everything after the '--' is code, and not some weird command-line options. You shouldn't REALLY need to do that as long as you always FTP your files in ASCII mode, but sooner or later some FTP program will mess this up, and with the '--' you can edit the files on a samba share, and everyhting works.
hope that helped,