Having been a member of this monestary since the year 2000, I know the type of people that come here. They come here to help. They come here to discuss. They come here to do things for free.

With that in mind, Skip seems like a monkly kinda guy. He's a free-spirited entrepreneur who believes in doing what is right with a hope that one day it will pay off strictly because he did a good job, not because some deep pocket put a silver spoon in his mouth.

Because I live at a real monestary, I can tell you: real monks need money and work like anyone else but they value the type of person they work with. Honest, hardworking people like Skip fit the bill perfectly.

I vote for creating a section of the monestary for posts just like his.... after all, what other public forum for Perl gets so much attention and could possibly attract the type of people he needs? Perhaps craiglist? This is an open-ended question.