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I have used Visio before, but tend to go back to the analog whiteboard. I have often thought of a 'correct' way to plan and map software (at least Perl-centric software). I have worked a few places in my time, and find that a 'correct' way one place wouldn't work somewhere else. It all depends on the people on the team, company policy, etc... In general, however, I think there are a few things that always help, and are staples for planning software.

There is a lot in between (I could probably do a book on dos and do-nots of real-world software design), but those are some highlights I have seen work well. Generally I don't like to use any flowchart software (unless someone else will maintain the flowcharts) because whiteboards are better (if you are luckly, you have a whiteboard that prints). I love walking into a room and seeing all the whiteboards marked up with the flow of a big piece of software!