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Well, no. PerlMongers is meant to advocate Perl, and assist local Perl User groups. PerlMongers does nothing for the guy in Fooville, and the guy in Barstown, which are 3 miles apart, and get them together unless there happens to be a PM group there. And, from experience, getting a PM group going is a PITA. If in this proposed section PerlMonger groups want to post meeting times/place, great.. if someone from Fooville wants to find others on PerlMonks who are around Fooville, this would be an appropriate section for them to do so.

So, to answer you question.. No. Do you have any good reasons why this type of section isn't a good idea? Because local newspapers have Personal sections? A website, meant to promote a community feel, somehow isn't a good place to foster people getting together? Everyone should use PerlMongers to meet other Perl hackers in their area?