Brothers and Sisters all. I have gone on a quest of my own devising. I have plunged into the _DEEPEST_ catacombs of the Monastery. I have been where few monks have been or even knew existed. I have seen things that chilled my bones. I have uncovered a DARK SECRET about the Monastery that will cause you perhaps to weep when you read it. I wondered what sorts of mysteries lay at the lowest nodes. I wanted to see what nodes were the first ones to be created, who created them, and what they said. So I systematically requested to see in order nodes zero through 128. 128 was a nice power of two and a good stopping point, though I doubt I've made much of a dent in uncovering the truth beneath the Monastery's foundations. I list them here in order for your viewing pleasure. Hopefully my friends, I will not be expelled for such a brash act of searching as I have done here this eventide. May you read this in good health, and indeed, may you read this and let it not be censored.

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