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I've read several threads about the behavior of @INC, i.e. how it's constructed but haven't seen my question answered.

I have an installation of Perl that is bundled with another software application. If I run "perl -V" from the bin directory of this application where the perl executable is located, the @INC variable includes the appropriate perl module directories. If I copy the perl executable to a new directory and run it from this new directory the @INC variable only includes the '.' directory. I'm running windows 2000 and perl 5.6.1. Can anyone shed some light on why/how @INC is changing?

The reason I ask this question is because I have a complicated software build setup that runs some perl scripts by invoking a perl executable it expects to find in a particular directory. It is easier to try and locate a perl executable in this directory as opposed to modifying the build setup.