You've probably all seen the recent discussion, Change Find Nodes "Saints in our Book".
In it, someone said "the Monastery is based on nodes IDs and not names," by which he presumably meant linking.

So it got me thinking about this issue, which has probably been raised before:
Would(n't) it be better if the links in the monktitlebar were ID links, rather than title links? I think it would, but I'm not sure why...

Update 1: In response to Tanktalus' comments below, I'll clarify my proposal as follows: The links should all be constructed using the [id://123|Text] format.
This means:

  1. Link texts are statically customized for the context, and are immune to changing actual node titles;
  2. Target nodes are absolutely certain, because node IDs are unique, and node lookup by ID is optimal.

The following benefits obtain:

  1. No server load incurred for looking up titles at page render time;
  2. No server load incurred for node searching by title at "click" time.

The downsides:

  1. If it is deemed propitious to modify a link's text, it is done to the link, not to the target node's title. (This could be an upside; it all depends on the situation.)
  2. If a target node is superceded by a new node, the link(s) to it must be changed to use the new ID.

In my estimation, the upsides far outweigh the downsides.

Update 2: I'll amend the proposal to be generic, i.e. applicable to all "high-visibility, high-traffic" links on/to site docs/functions. IOW, not just the monktitlebar, but also links in cabalistic nodelets and various superdocs, sectioncontainers, etc.
(This topic has definitely been discussed before, but danged if I can find a PMD for it. Perhaps we can put this puppy to rest. ;-)

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