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Could you perhaps show us how you run it from the command line?

This piece of code doesn't seem to do much yet (is it meant to be pseudo code?)

Things to think about:

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Re^2: running an executable from a cgi script
by Angharad (Pilgrim) on Feb 09, 2006 at 16:41 UTC
    Yes, PIPE and prog are meant to be talking about the same process. oh dear .. i have a lot to learn here.
    OK ... well eventually I would like this program to be run as a cgi itself yes. But I'm not going to be running another cgi from this script, its a C program. Everything is on the same server, so perhaps I could run them locally then.
    Thanks for the tips so far.
    As for how I would run the program on the command line normally .. well I would type in the name of the program to start .. and then a prompt comes up asking me for the text file to process.