We all come here and read the nodes. Here's a couple of the fun ways to do it that also helps me learn more (about Perl and/or PM). I'm looking for more. The first few are obvious.

1. The old standby, The Monastery Gates. I don't actually use this much anymore unless I'm really short on time.

2. The prime viewer, Newest Nodes. My first choice.

3. A bit flippant, A Random Node. Be prepared to go through this multiple times - there are many home nodes for monks who created an account and never logged on. Luckily, you can just hit refresh on your browser.

4. What to do and what not to do, Best Nodes and Worst Nodes.

5. Check out a saint or anyone above me in the 'Other Users' nodelet, browse their posts at highest reputation first. Heck, sometimes I browse lowest reputation first - boy can you learn something when we fall flat on our faces, though there is less signal-to-noise there. BTW, the 'default' names that populate the user search are all good candidates.

6. Checking out what nodes other Monks have linked to on their home nodes.

7. Super Search. What a wonderful node. Searching by random items somewhat related to what you're working on can get a laod of interesting results. Also good to use before posting a question. Also fun to put in dates from a while ago and see what was brewing in the monastery then.

How do you navigate the monastery?

=Blue might be eaten by a grue...