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Greetings all,

I recently had wrist surgery on my right wrist to remove a gamglion cyst and other problems with the joint. The surgery was a success, and things are healing well, but I'm stuck in a cast-like thing for at least another two weeks, likely longer. This makes typing with both hands all but impossible. (Yes, I'm typing this message with one hand.) I started Googling and found out about one-handed keyboards like this and this, and that got me thinking: couldn't I just do the same thing with Perl?

I use both Windows and Linux at work and at home, but most of the typing I need to do over the next couple weeks is in Word on Windows, so while I'd love a solution that works on both platforms, I'm biased toward a Win32 solution. I started looking into Win32::API a bit, and then I wandered down the rabbit hole of C# by reading this keyboard hook example. I also searched around on PerlMonks and found code to activate and deactivate the keyboard.

Has anyone else tied this? Am I wandering in the right direction? Is there an easier solution? Thanks very much.

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