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Hi --

This sounds like a problem others must have solved, so I'm looking for any pointers to modules or scripts.

I have a DBI handle to a funky datasource via ODBC. The funky datasource is quickbooks thru a purchased QB odbc driver.

I want to generate a CREATE TABLE statement for a mysql database using info from the DBI handle -- the column names, the types, the primary key(s), etc.

The idea is to mirror a QB table into a mysql database, sorta like this:

(1) DROP mysql table # because QB version may have changed (2) CREATE mysql table, using info from DBI odbc handle (3) SELECT * from QB table, creating a text file (4) LOAD DATA INFILE from textfile to populate mysql table
Any pointers toward existing code #2, before rolling my own?


water water everywhere

PS If you're asking 'why', it is because client needs to integrate QB billing data with telephony data from other systems, and those other systems pour log data into a mysql db.