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Dear Monks, I have several scripts that I would like to be able to run on a variety of systems where I don't control the main installation directories. In particular, one of them is a perl 5.8.0 where the List::Util version is "1.07_00" and therefore refaddr is missing.

I tried creating my own override of the whole List::Util package, but the XS part was not portable to all systems.

Instead, to fill in the missing function, I created the following module:

package PatchPackages; use strict; use version; our $VERSION = qv/0.0.1/; sub import { require Scalar::Util; if (! Scalar::Util->can('refaddr')) { # Copied from more recent Scalar::Util code. # Makes up for this function being missing on some # of our 5.8.0 installations. *Scalar::Util::refaddr = sub ($) { my $pkg = ref($_[0]) or return undef; if (Scalar::Util::blessed($_[0])) { bless $_[0], 'Scalar::Util::Fake'; } else { $pkg = undef; } "$_[0]" =~ /0x(\w+)/; my $i = do { local $^W; hex $1 }; bless $_[0], $pkg if defined $pkg; $i; } } } 1;

This seems a little messy, but it works. Does anyone know of a cleaner way to do this?