Morning lads,
I have a module (what a surprise) I'd like to upload it to CPAN, but ... I can't think of a name.

The module sits on top of HTML::Parser and allows you to filter the tags and attributes in your HTML. You specify what's allowed and everything else it removed.

There is a similar module on CPAN already, HTML::TagFilter, the difference between the two is that

  1. HTML::TagFilter has a lot more options and contains some other more or less related features (mangling email addresses and such)
  2. HTML::TagFilter assumes the filtering is controled by the code, while HTML::?Filter accepts the list of tags and attributes as a single string. Making it easier to use if the list is to be maintained by other people than the developers. (I am using the module in an application that needs to filter the HTML it sends to various clients and the allowed tags vary from client to client. The developers are not involved in setting this up though,the admins can specify what to allow themselves.)

I do think the module could come handy to other people as well, but for the life of me I can't think of a reasonable name. (HTML::Filter is already taken.)

Any suggestions are welcome.