Perl is one of the best languages to date. It is this because of the people who made it. Saint Larry Wall, creator of Perl (for newbies), made Perl so things can be much easier for the normal programmer. Perl can be interbred with almost every language. HTML is what it is used for mostly in my view. The essence of Perl is its programmers. Without programmers, there would be no such thing as Perl. From the regexes, to the modules, to the packages, to whatever else there is, Perl at its core was meant for the people. As I sit here and write this, code fills my head. Perl has saved my life on the web and it will in the future. No one language has the capacity to do what Perl has done, and no one laungauge EVER will. Some people have been doing perl since 1987. Saint Larry Wall has done good for the programming community. As a community of leaders and followers, we have made Perl as prominent as HTML, but more popular. With the event of perl 6 at short hand, the community of Perl Programmers surrounds the area with join waiting for Saint Larry Wall to release it.

To those who are looking into Perl, i suggest you look around this site. Perlmonks is a community in it self of Perl programmers who are more than willing to answer any of your questions. In my short time here, I haven't seen one person who wasn't willing to help me. Perl is the best laungauge, hands down. Join our community of Perl programmers. Perl is your way of programming.

One person can change the corse of history. One person can destroy the human race. That one person is out there, I intend to find him.