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I'm at the point - after several years of programming with Perl as a freelancer - where I would like to move to the "next level".

Sure I know Perl well, but I feel problems come from other parts.

For instance, I would like to start using source control. Subversion seems nice...

But I'm not sure how to store modules (from CPAN) that I use. Some of them I will change for my needs, most will not be changed. Do I store them as downloaded from CPAN (just uncompressed) and then (re)compile them on each deployment?

What if target machine doesn't have tools to compile it? I admit, this would happen rearely as I ussualy use just pure perl modules ... Maybe also store compiled versions?

Then comes deployment.

How do I organize that? When using source control I guess it's easier - you just do an export, copy files to the target and maybe compile modules - right?

At present I don't use automated tests - just a refresh (web development) and see if it works. Would like to start using tests - there are many nice tutorials about that ... so I'm lookit at the other two.

Is there anything else that Pro's use?

EDIT: What I haven't mentioned - is that I curently only develop for web. And there is ussualy Perl already installed on the server - so it's just modules that might be missing.

Have you tried freelancing? Check out Scriptlance - I work there.