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Hi guys.

Typically I code using the easiest-to-read-and-understand method but I was just playing with an idea earlier and was curious on the "better" ways you can come up with to solve this problem.

You have a dictionary file of, say, 1 million words. You want to write a script to take RANDOMLY 100 words of each letter (a .. z). You want 100 words beginning with A, 100 words beginning with B, etc.

This is what I did. It's untested and doesn't need to work since I'm looking for how you guys would solve this.

open(DICT, "dictionary.txt" or die "Error: $!"; my @words = <DICT>; close(DICT) or die "Error: $!"; @words = shuffle(@words); # assume shuffle is defined my @new_words; my @letters = (a .. z); my @cnt = 0; foreach my $letter (@letters) { $cnt = 0; foreach my $word (@words) { if ($cnt > 100) { last; # break loop, our 100 word is found } if ($word =~ m/^$letter/i) { $cnt++; push (@new_words, $word); } } }

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