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Hi All,

I'm new to this group,i have a query,the query is in my module there are different skeleton files which is used as target to call the other perl files ,the skeleton files is just a simple mkskel file(it looks similar to perl not sure which language ).

So when the corresponding target is called ,while compliling it calls the exported variables ,out of this exported variables ,the password is alos one such factor which is also getting displayed, which is highly unacceptable i want that particular variable should be masked ,how to do that.

In simple words ,if u see the code which is mentioned below,while cmpliling it displays the variables such as DB2_NAME,DB@_USERNAME...out of this idon't want the variable DB2_PASSWORD should not be displayed.

${Main_file /sub_file.perl -s bnd -r ${DB2_NAME} -u ${DB2_ USERNAME} -p ${DB2_PASSWORD} \