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Thanks I've implemented your suggestion and am using the tidy -> version. Can I be a pest and ask one further question? (Okay it's really 2 if you count the request!) For audit trail purposes the line -
print "\n\tRunning Step :: $step Sub :: $sub\n" ;

is to be written to a log file for each subroutine run. The $sub value is a reference to a subroutine and I've tried various ways to dereference this into plain text without success - I could be even more tedious and add an entry to the hash that is just text holding the subroutines name. I've been reading pages 251 onwards in Programming Perl and I've had plenty of messages :-
<***** xxrc_test_step_subs S T A R T S *****> Not a SCALAR reference at line 206. rcruickshank@heather$ <***** xxrc_test_step_subs S T A R T S *****> Not a HASH reference at line 206.

but no success! I thought it was something to do with a coderef but I've not yet found an example that works. Sorry to have be a pest.