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I'm developing a web/REST application using CGI::Application and assorted plugins (CGI::Application::Plugin::Session to handle session cookies, CGI::Application::Plugin::TT for Template::Toolkit, CGI::Application::Plugin::Stream to handle file downloads and CGI::Application::Plugin::DBH to handle DBI), and the web end is now pretty squeaky clean, thanks to some testing using Test::More and WWW::Mechanize.

Now it's time for me to do the REST side of the application -- just a matter of making up some XML templates to match the HTML templates. Of course, I want to do this while continuing to use Test::More so that I can start (finally) to do test-driven development. So what I want is something like REST::Mechanize. Has anyone developed such a tool? I could definitely make use of it.

As a side note (but a relevant one) I note that curl doesn't send cookie information after a re-direct (1), which prevents me from using it to do my testing. I am using URL rewriting to provide my REST-type interface -- that's where the re-direction comes in.

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1. See this post for more information.