in reply to OpenBSD or FreeBSD for a Perl web app Production platform?

Well, I have more than 6 years in implementing almost everything under FreeBSD. Right now I am working in a Portuguese Interprise where our programming language of choice is Perl and as I said, almost all projects are running under FreeBSD. It is Fast, it is secure and reliable. FreeBSD with it's Ports collection with over 14000 applications ready to install, is one of the Unix based Operating System with more Perl modules ported thanks to many maintainers as Tobez. You have also other technologies as Jails to segment your project in development and production areas in a secure and isolated mode. Finaly, FreeBSD is very well documentated as you can see here, and our comunity is very nice to join in. Well, is not the best operating system on hearth, but is there one ? Regards and good luck Francisco