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Fellow Monks.

I seek your advice and help on the following situation.

I have a program that allows the user to open an image file from a File Open box in Windows. The problem is my program expects the file to be in my \Images folder. If the user opens a file in the c:\windows directory my program fails becuase it is looking for the image in the \Images folder.

So, I can either copy the file over as soon as the user selects it or I can have my program read from any directory instead of just my \Images folder.

Which method is better?

My first problem is, I do not know how to implement either option.

So, I have researched ways to copy the file to my Images folder immediately after the user selects it and found File::Copy. My problem here is, I do not know how to compare the filepaths. I thought maybe s/// but that replaces the pathname. I need to compare them or really search for the substring \MYPROGRAM\IMAGES in the path selected by the user and then if they do not match copy file #1 to file #2.

I think I can use Find::File to search my directory for the basename($imgfile) filename. If it is not there I can use File::Copy to copy it there.

What do you monks advice?