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Dear Monks, I am having huge probelms with HoH. I have a list of files which i would like to process and make the HoH from.
$refine =1; use File::Find; find(\&wanted, 'upload_profile/'); sub wanted { #/\_$refine/ && print "$File::Find::name\n" && push @a +rray, $_; /predictions\_\Q$refine\E/i && push @found, $_; } ####sort array of foud files### @find = sort { $a cmp $b } @found; #print "find: @find"; foreach my $file (@find) { print "file: $file\n"; open (LOOKUP, "<upload_profile/$file") or die $!; while (<LOOKUP>) { ($name, $id) = (split m{\t})[3, 4]; print "id: $id\n"; $data{$file}{$id} = $name; } close (LOOKUP); } close (LOOKUP);
I want to search the HoH using one of the specific files used to make the HoH. I have another file which i would like to use to search against the HoH which is a list of ids 1-1000.
$file = 'test_predictions_1'; open (FH, "<EXAMPLE"); while (<FH>) { $id = $_; if (exists $data{$file}{$id}) {print "match\n";} }
However, this doesnt seem to work. Thanks for your help