For a while now I've been playing with safe line based evaluation of perl code over IRC, which via commans containing perl code submitted to an IRC bot, who executes the code and returns the results. This is cool and all, but recently it ocurred to me that I could use much the same code and place it on the internet, perhaps with more usefulness. Around that time integral wrote Devel::EvalContext which allowed one to save the lexical state of an eval. The combination naturally led to a Web Based REPL, which stands for "Read Eval Print Loop".

Read Eval Print Loops are commonly found on the CLI for various programming languages, examples being ruby and python I believe. perl -de1 is more or less an example of a perl REPL.

In any case, I thought I'd show off my new repl by linking it here, check it out at:

So far it's stood up to fairly extensive security testing, and should be fully secure, but please let me know if something doesn't look right to you.

Update: Upvotes are all well and good, but I'd much prefer actual replies! Preferably with suggestions, either for the interface or for some actual use for this thing!