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Hello Monks,

I am looking to make some live updating charts. Think of system monitoring type apps. I'd want, say, a line chart that updates once a second with the latest data, or something along those lines. I did some cursory searching around the Monastery and CPAN, but I didn't really find anything relevant. Any ideas?

As a fallback, I can probably end up creating something with GD, Imager, Chart or one of the other charting/graphics libraries plugged into perhaps SDL for the display. I'm not sure how much work this would be, but it sounds like enough that I'd rather see if there are any more fully-baked modules or solutions out there.

Thanks to any and all for ideas.

Update: sounds like rrdtool will be good for the chart generating part. But I still need to figure out the live updating portion of this. Maybe having a window that gets redrawn by SDL will be easy enough.

Another update: I think I may not have been clear enough in my post. When I wrote "live updating", I wasn't just talking about the data being recorded once a second. I meant the chart itself updating too.