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Your question differs from the topic addressed by the original poster in this thread. But I'll respond to it here too.

It's not an issue of how many janitors we have, but rather a slight shift in our attitude. Generally speaking, we feel that it's better to wait awhile before unconsidering nodes so that they don't get reconsidered for the same thing by someone who missed seeing the first consideration (this is in regards to nodes where we have opted not to act upon the node itself). We also are trying harder to minimize our impact. We want to reserve action for nodes that really need work, leaving minor issues alone if they don't present a hazard to navigation or seriously hamper readability.

Some considerations will sit for a long time and may not get implemented. This doesn't mean we won't work quickly to fix a code tag issue, but for some things we just want to be more thoughtful.

We're also trying to be more considerate of authors by asking them to make their own fixes when practical, and when they can do so in a timely fashion. That way they'll become more familiar with the way things work around here, and we won't keep seeing their nodes getting considered for the same sorts of problems.