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Has anyone ever had the feeling that they should tackle something strange...

Several times, over a pint of beer at meetings. This is, to my mind, one of the interesting side effects of Perl Monger socials.

This is the origin of Acme::Magpie and probably a few other modules in the Acme:: namespace.

I remember some discussion sbout putting together a gnu style operating system on top of Parrot.

Back to your original question, in my case, a version control system in pure Perl. Granted, this was before CL released SVK.


Oh Lord, won’t you burn me a Knoppix CD ?
My friends all rate Windows, I must disagree.
Your powers of persuasion will set them all free,
So oh Lord, won’t you burn me a Knoppix CD ?
(Missquoting Janis Joplin)