After more than 18 months of development, Perl-Critic has reached it's first major release! Version 1.01 is now available on a CPAN mirror near you.

For those of you who aren't familiar with it, Perl-Critic is a highly flexible static source code analyzer (like lint, but for Perl code). It automaticaly detects potential bugs, awkward constructs and over-complicated code. Most of the rules are based on TheDamian's book "Perl Best Practices".

No matter what your personal preferences are, Perl-Critic can help you and your team write more consistent, robust, and maintainable code. Numerous open-source projects and commercial development shops have adopted Perl-Critic as an integral part of their development process. And at my $work, we use Perl-Critic as a tool for coaching junior developers.

So I invite all of you to give Perl-Critic a shot. If you want to see what it does without installing anything, try using the Perl-Critic web service at

I sincerely thank all the PerlMonks who have contributed code, ideas, and valuable feedback throughout the Perl-Critic project.