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[Corion]A good morning to everybody!
[Corion]It's Friday ;-D
[marto]good morning all, TCIF!
[Corion]Hi marto, indeed!
[marto]hey Corion, how are things?
[Corion]Quite good, thanks! Today's a dev release of Perl, tomorrow I'll be at the birthday party of my godson+brother...
[Corion]I hope you're good as well?
[marto]sounds like a busy weekend!
[marto]I'm busy, tired and busy :P
[Corion]Yeah - well, the busyness starts with this afternoon :-D Right now I'm playing around "creating" (well, browsing one of the "AI" logo generators for a fake company, - we design cool prisons
[Corion]marto: Ouch - I guess I'll reach that state tomorrow afternoon/evening as well :-D
[Corion]Well, "fake company" are big words for "stickers I might order, for my laptop" :-D
[marto]did you get a chance to start watching Mr Robot?
[marto]I saw some headline about Germany banning Facebooks crypto currency
[Corion]marto: No - Mr Robot doesn't seem to be on any of the streaming services I currently have access to, and I'm too lazy to hunt for a torrent of it :-D
[Corion]marto: Yeah, that's mostly big talk but I don't really see how they can "ban" it, or at least, prevent a bank form doing that stuff ...
[Corion](well, by applying laws. They can always ask "Do you really think that this is a good business choice to make for your company" :) )
[Corion]But we're just looking at this stuff and what we could do with it, if ever. Our board doesn't move fast, even if it breaks things, so this will be something IMO decided in the next year earliest :)