I am the current maintainer of PDF::Template, having taken over from Dave Ferrance (the original author) 4 years ago. I am also the co-maintainer of PDF::Writer, originally written by Audrey (yes, that Audrey). She is also the author and maintainer of PDF::FromHTML, which uses PDF::Template to generate PDFs from a given HTML file.

P::T is in big trouble. It uses PDFlib as the underlying rendering engine. It was originally written against PDFlib v3 with some work done to leverage some functionality in PDFlib v4. PDFlib v7 is in the process of being released. This release removes several important functions from the API that P::T uses. Thus, the latest P::T will not work with the latest PDFlib.

PDF::Writer is a project started by Audrey that is attempting to provide a single API over the two major PDF rendering engines in Perl - PDFlib and PDF::API2. It is currently in its infancy and the attempt I made this past summer to migrate PDF::Template over to it failed.

I do not have the time nor the inclination to work on PDF::Template anymore. I haven't used it in over 18 months and do not foresee using it in the near future. I have since moved onto other projects (notably DBM::Deep). Thus, I'm looking to hand over the reins.

The person (or persons) taking over PDF::Template (and, hopefully, PDF::Writer) will be inheriting a module that is the only one in its niche in the Perl landscape. If you also take over P::W, you will be taking over a project that is attempting to provide a generic PDF-generation API over PDFlib and PDF::API2. There is also the design goal of providing a TT plugin better than the latex one currently in use.

In other words, there's a ton of really great work to be done and a lot of kudos for the person who's willing to do it. I would be willing to spend as much time as necessary to successfully transition both projects as well as act as a design advisor and, if needed, mentor for whomever takes over maintainership. (I suspect that if you asked politely, you'd also be able to get maintainership of PDF::FromHTML from Audrey without pushing too hard.)

My criteria for good software:
  1. Does it work?
  2. Can someone else come in, make a change, and be reasonably certain no bugs were introduced?