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I am sorry for asking this OT question. Since long time, I am working in a company whose core business is Not a Software Development. I opted this job to get a quick career growth. They have a Software Development Department and I am leading it.
Over the period of time I realized that my knowledge is getting rusted, also employer is Not providing enough training to my team and me. Since begining I collected all the perl knowledge from mailgroups and sites like PerlMonks (I am grateful to all the Gurus using this site, who have unknowningly trained me and tolarated my silly questions :-)). I built/trained my programmers from scratch and stabilized all the perl projects. Today I am leading a good team of programmers, but I have lost most of the technical touch (yes, I am ashamed of it, most of my time I spend in managing Programmers and Not programs)
I know few sites, who help you knowing your Perl knowledge, but they charge for such testing. I can pay this charge only if I am confident of attending these tests. Do I get to know any sites where I can test my Perl knowledge,Free , anytime?