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Hi, and welcome to PerlMonks! :D

Like you, I'm more or less of a newbie, and I enjoy writing Perl as both a hobby and as a way to keep bread on the table. One way I've found Perl to be truly useful is when I'm faced with some problem that no solution would be found otherwise, or whenever existing solutions fail to meet my needs. Most of the time, though, there is a ``right'' solution (sometimes not even in Perl) that fits my bill, and by discovering how that solution works give me a lot of ideas of better programming practice, and, especially if its a Perl solution, exposes me to its showcase of useful tidbits and idioms.

I'm currently in the process of incubating a solution for one of my projects, and even in this process I see potential to start another project addressing a different issue. I think you may have heard of the saying "build it, and they will come;" and build I do, and when it's ready, I'll post links. :D