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Monks, I have an xml file like this.
<node> <data> <field type="custom_content"> <name>Header: Step 1</name> <content><![CDATA[ <p>TESTING</p> ]]></content> </field> <field> <label>A</label> <input_type>text</input_type> <size>40</size> </field> <field type="custom_content"> <name>sample</name> <content><![CDATA[ <p>test</p> ]]></content> </field> </node>
I have an validation xml file like this:
<node> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <grammar xmlns="" xmlns:a="http://r" datatypeLibrary=" +ema-datatypes"> <start> <element name="data"> <oneOrMore> <choice> <ref name="field"/> <ref name="custom_content_field"/> </choice> </oneOrMore> </element> </start> </grammar> </node>
i have thousands of lines in my xml file. How can i check my xml file is tagged properly with the validation file. how to approach this problem.

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