in reply to The Marcel Perl Questionnaire

YAQ (yet another questionee):

Favorite Perl Instruction #!/usr/bin/perl -w Oh, Perl instruction ... not perl instruction (nevermind).
Least Favorite Instruction do the dishes Oh, you probably meant Perl instruction again.
Favorite Looping Mechanism for(;<>;){} Yeah, well *everybody* does while(<>){}.
Least Favorite Looping Mechanism goto But sometimes it is fun to mess with people's heads.
Favorite Module Schroedinger::Cat Doesn't exist yet, but I'm dying to look in the damn box.
Least Favorite Module Does anyone actually use this?
Favorite Special Variable $_ Often used, seldom seen.
Least Favorite Special Variable $[ What, you don't like saying 'The zeroeth element'?
Favorite variable type hash Who doesn't like hashes?
Favorite Command Line Switch -e From the cl of course, -w in a script
Least Favorite Command Line Switch -X ook!
Favorite Pragma strict What else?
Favorite Regexp Modifier /gimeesex Replacement often resolves to 'do the dishes' though ...
Favorite Regexp Metachar (?!pattern) Well, I count it as one metachar.
Favorite Descriptive Variable Name $blah Blah!
Favorite HERE Doc delimitor EOF But also HTML or SQL when appropriate.
Favorite Filehandle DATA The DATA handle is quite handy at times.