in reply to The Marcel Perl Questionnaire

Favorite Perl Instruction study My favorite programming language can think. Can yours?
Least Favorite Instruction select No, no, and no. The 4 arg version is fine, just like the C version. But they should have named the Perl specific one differently.
Favorite Looping Mechanism foreach "But Dad! How can you hate... _The_KERNEL_?!?"
Least Favorite Looping Mechanism grep It is just map { EXPR ? $_ : () } LIST. Some orthoginality is a good thing
Favorite Module FileHandle How could you go wrong?!?
Least Favorite Module Neural::Net It never was finished. I really should submit my own version one of these days.
Favorite Special Variable $| You cannot go wrong with the autoflush
Least Favorite Special Variable @F When was the last time YOU used -a
Favorite variable type typeglob Cuz symbol tables remind me of Scheme.
Favorite Command Line Switch -d Cuz my programs still have bugs
Least Favorite Command Line Switch -U Hey, I'm glad that perl allows you to do unsafe things,
but something had to go on the list
Favorite Pragma subs I like to "use subs"
Favorite Regexp Modifier   Perl regexps are a waste of time. Why would any real
programmer deal with text. Hasen't Microsoft shown us
that a text interface is utterly worthless. The metaphor
of point and click is the ultimate in human computer
interaction. All will obey and think only in point and click.
Our keyboard should be replaced with a big letter "P" on
our mouse. Then we could just hit the p over and over again.
What need is there for regexp there huh? Don't you all see
how easy it is to program GUI's? Especially ones like
"Restart your computer? (ok)" Where is the need for
a regexp there, I ask you? oh... um.... sorry bout that...
I feel much better now. I like /g
Favorite Regexp Metachar \f Formfeed RULZ!
Favorite Descriptive Variable Name munge Munge, Munge, Munge.
Favorite HERE Doc delimitor `EVIL` Spurrious commands galore!
Favorite Filehandle ENSLAVED I like while(<ENSLAVED>)