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Hi everyone. Is there anyway I can really improve the following small piece of code for a little program that deals with CGI for the internet, where you have a web page that has say 3 links on it leading to other relative pages on the site. When you click on a link you want it to take you to another page and stuff, and it uses the GET command and stuff from the cool parser. In short, I was just wondering how I could improve this code to make it as efficient as I can. It's a really simple little CGI program in Perl, but it's just for a future project of mine, and I would like to know if it needs to be changed around a bit or a lot.

#!/usr/bin/perl -wT use strict; use CGI ':all'; use CGI::Carp qw(fatalsToBrowser); if (param('page') eq "") { &index; } elsif (param('page') eq "page2") { &page2; } elsif (param('page') eq "page3") { &page3; } sub index { print header(), start_html('INDEX'), '<p>This is the index page!<br><br>', '<a>index</a><br>', '<a>page2</a><br>', '<a>page3</a><br>', end_html(); } sub page2 { print header(), start_html('PAGE_2'), '<p>This is page2!<br><br>', '<a>index</a><br>', '<a>page2</a><br>', '<a>page3</a><br>', end_html(); } sub page3 { print header(), start_html('PAGE_3'), '<p>This is page3!<br><br>', '<a>index</a><br>', '<a>page2</a><br>', '<a>page3</a><br>', end_html(); }

Thanks for any help in advance! Bye now.

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