So here I am, working in Amsterdam, wishing I wasn't stuck in VBScript hell. I asked my boss, after carefully explaining that I'm not trying to convert anyone, why he objects to Perl and prefers VBScript. He had two fascinating arguments:

1. The Netherlands is so strapped for programmers that the skill level required to use Perl is often not available. He thinks Perl is useful, but he can't guarantee that he'll get quality programmers. He believes that if he hires someone who doesn't know the in-house language, they can learn VBScript faster than Perl.

Now that's an interesting point. Frankly, I find that VBScript is much simpler than Perl and therefore easier to learn. Though "baby Perl" is simple enough to pick up, once someone starts getting into advanced territory, new Perl programmers may have a heck of a time keeping up.

2. He's found in the past (he has 27 years of programming experience) that Perl programmers are so "indoctrinated" in the TIMTOWTDI mentality that he's had a hell of a time imposing code standards. VBScript programmers, on the other hand, are "sheep" (his words, not mine) and easier to manage as a result.

What's your experience managing (or being a Perl programmer)? Are shop standards more difficult to implement? And yes, I've already read this article.


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