Well, this is a "Silly use for Perl", but there is no such section, so I post it here.
#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use Tk; BEGIN {*Tk::Clock::time = sub { time * -1 } } use Tk::Clock; my $wm = MainWindow->new; my $ck = $wm->Clock->pack(); $ck->config(dateFormat => "dd-mm-yyy"); MainLoop;

This clock displays the time since the Epoch - but into the past.

To have it display the time going back from the moment the clock started, use

BEGIN { my $time = time; *Tk::Clock::time = sub { 2 * $time - time }; }

before loading Tk::Clock.

update: while being silly, it also shows an interesting fact about UNIX time, and how to override core functions for modules to-be-loaded... eeevil... ;-)


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