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Call me a 'fence-sitter', but ..

I do see tye's point. Your finish your post And your perl question is? which does imply 'that is not is a perl question' and that 'one should restrict oneself to perl questions', which detracted from the fact that it was just a badly (dare I say it? trollish) worded question.

However, without needing to read your explanation, I did realise your intent and don't feel that you needed to be 'stomped' on so vehemently.

I don't think there is a fight to win here. You are both wrong! (joke!) Lets hope the OP comes back with further context for their question, and we can collectively add to our knowledge pool.


Three definitions of scope in contexts that might relate to Extreme Programming:

I would say from searching on the phrase 'extreme programming scope' (e.g. Google Books - Extreme Programming) that 'scope' in the context of 'extreme programming' means pretty much the same as it does for any programming language or IT project.

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