Update: The service is defunct. The code for it was only on, which now seems to be down for the count. Please disregard the below. My regrets to all.

New Service: Thread Watcher

In response to many requests throughout history, including but almost certainly not limited to the following —

I have created a thread watcher service. (Note - it does not implement every feature of every request in the above-cited threads.)

Its public interface is implemented entirely via private messaging.
You send commands to the service via

    /msg watcher ....
and watcher sends responses to you in your message inbox.

Full documentation for the service should always be available on watcher's homenode. This service is still quite new, and will probably be undergoing significant development in the coming months.

This is not an official service of PerlMonks. It is hosted off site. All comments, questions, suggestions, and complaints about it should be directed to me. Being hosted on, there is no guarantee that it will be around forever. Please do not use watcher while operating heavy machinery.

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