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Running perl using ActivePerl under win2000 seems to be consistently creating broken Makefiles (that's Makemaker v5.45 (Revision: 1.222) for anyone keeping score). Here's a snippet from a real-life that causes make to choke:
# --- MakeMaker pm_to_blib section: pm_to_blib: $(TO_INST_PM) @$(PERL) "-I$(INST_ARCHLIB)" "-I$(INST_LIB)" \ "-I$(PERL_ARCHLIB)" "-I$(PERL_LIB)" -MExtUtils::Install \ -e "pm_to_blib(qw[ <<pmfiles.dat ],'$(INST_LIB)\auto')" $(PM_TO_BLIB) << @$(TOUCH) $@
Running make on this makefile produces the, Makefile:730: *** missing separator. Stop errmsg.

Cutting the whole pm_to_blib: section doesn't help -- another error somewhere else pops up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

edit: chipmunk 2001-03-08