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App::Tasker - Filename component-directed s‎crip‎ting that considers dependencies

It's like make with a larger problem domain and without built-in implicit rules. Taskfiles define rules for creating files based on input files; filenames and paths can contain multiple fields, optionally matched with regexes, which are assigned to named variables. Target audience is users (who may not primarily be programmers) who need to automate the processing of scientific data (usually on *nix) using command line tools.

It's written using Moose and Parse::RecDescent. Currently in alpha, the design is evolving heuristically. Tasker is running and can do useful work -- for example, I have a Taskfile for processing Shuttle Radar Topography Mission files containing digital elevation data using the GMT (Generic Mapping Tools) utilities xyz2grd and grdpaste. Tasker will convert the data into GMT .grd format and then recursively stitch together rectangles until it makes the requested file.

Once I do some more work on the code Tasker will be available for download.

I'm very appreciative of the invaluable help I've gotten from the perl community and Perlmonks in developing Tasker.


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