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In comparison to java, dot net and php, there are much less perl programmers in china.

You also have to take into consideration that a large percentage, if not the majority of programming jobs are coming from out-sourcing initiatives in the West. Therefore they are coming from corporations and therefore must adhere to the code standards of those corporations, which increasingly lean towards Java and .Net with regards to programming mono-culture.

The justification for such being that they don't have enough people with the skill-sets required to support code developed in multiple programming languages - which is a self-fulfilling prophecy when they continue to cut jobs of on-shore programmers in favor of the off-shore folks.

The obvious disadvantage there is that it promotes a naive one-size-fits-all mentality with regards to programming languages and the problems they are used to solve. This also drives the out-sourcing initiative justifications because they find themselves spending up to 3x the effort/money to solve a problem where if they had applied the correct solution to the problem they would have saved that money up front.

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