Ok, we all know and love the Perl Best Practices book. I wanted to say it before going on.

For the last 10 years I've been the lead developer of a large-scale web application written from scratch in Perl with more than 500,000 sloc according to David Wheeler's sloccount. Thanks Dave.

Recently I started with a new exciting job. And I met people there who do "whatever PBP says". And maybe this is because of their little or no experience and they just want to do "the right thing".

I mean, it's written in the book too, you should take these as best practices. You can agree or not. Of course, they are not meant as religion dogmas. If you have been programming for years, most of the book should be just natural for you.

And what I see instead is that many developers take those exactly as commandments, even if they go completely against the current codebase and guidelines. Just makes no sense.

Also, about Perl::Critic. It's ok and nice, but what's the point of polluting your code with ## no critics here and there? Probably would be better to write your own Perl::Critic::Policy then.

"So, what?"

Nothing special. If any of you had the same experiences, just drop me a note sharing your thoughts. Thank you, fellow monks.