Hi monks,

My friend and colleague ChOas and I were having a little contest
here. We dared each other to write the shortest sub, returning the
index-number of the supplied element in an array
We came up with the following ...
#!/usr/bin/perl -w sub indexArray($@) { my $s=shift; $_ eq $s && return @_ while $_=pop; -1; } my @array=('john','paul','ringo','george'); print indexArray('john',@array) ."\n"; # Returns 0 print indexArray('ringo',@array) ."\n"; # Returns 2 print indexArray('mick',@array) ."\n"; # Returns -1

Is anyone bored enough to participate in this silly contest?
Anything, shorter, funnier, more obfuscated ... will do and
is welcome ;-)

If you do not want to participate because you think this is too
silly and a waste of your time, then please don't, cause you're
right ! ;-)

Bye, Leon