In Chatterbox abuse and possible remedies, vroom announced the /ignore and /unignore commands for the Chatterbox. I've used these sparing, but have noticed that these settings are not applied to private messages.

Given certain activities currently going on and some encountered a couple of months back, I propose:

  1. Adding /accept and /decline commands, which give monks tools that prevent certain users from using private msg's as harrassment tools.

    When a monk sent a message to someone who's /declined them, CB would respond with a comment along the lines of Footpad declined your message.

    Yes, you can always clear the message without reply, but I think these commands shift the burden from the person being harrassed to the troll.

  2. In New chatterbox features, The Fearless Leader promised to add a way to view a list of people you're ignoring. Has that been done? If so, it appears that an update needs to be made to the Chatterbox FAQ.

    If it's not been done, I'd like to repeat misty's suggestion.

  3. If, as I hope, my first suggestion is accepted and implemented, I'd also like a way to see who I've declined to accept messages from.

    My theory is based on the hope that some people will eventually choose to grow up. If #1 is implemented, I could then /decline someone while /unignoring them. If they actually are contributing to the Monastery, then I can choose to /accept messages from them again.

As always, I'm hesitant to ask TFL to take time away from his studies, but (as davorg and kudra can attest) this is a problem that sometimes occurs. The Borg spell is a good start and has limited certain rampages. However, I think these would useful additions to our arsenal of troll-prevention devices.

Also, I would be more than happy to update the Chatterbox FAQ, especially if it would help reduce the workload on others.

Thoughts? Feedback?